One-year appointed Executive Board Positions


The Executive Board of Qatar TESOL invites members interested in volunteering for one of the three available positions below to reply to the Membership Director, Debra Hawley, with a short biography (telling us how your experience makes you the right person for the position) and a statement of purpose (tell us what you would like to do if you are given the postion) by
Friday, June 1st, 2007.
Those who are appointed must attend regular Executive Board meetings. These are volunteer positions; there is no salary or other financial benefit. Appointed positions will end on the last day of the Qatar TESOL International Conference (April 2008); however, you would be welcome to apply again teh next year for the same or a different position on the Executive Board.


  1. Webpage Editor: The webpage editor’s duties are to work with the Executive Board to maintain and develop the existing Qatar TESOL website at, and so must be proficient in the use of web editors such as Dreamweaver.  The web editor will take direction from the Board regarding the content of the Qatar TESOL website and will attend regular Executive Board meetings. 
  1. Newsletter Editor: The newsletter editor’s duties are to work with the Executive Board by putting together a quarterly newsletter that serves as a communication tool between the Board and the membership and provides members with updates on ELT developments in the field, including events in Qatar, the Gulf and the global ELT community. The newsletter editor must attend regular Executive Board meetings and will bring the newsletter to the Board for final approval before publishing.
  1. Publications Chair: This position will not be filled at this time. The Executive Board does not feel Qatar TESOL currently has the resources to set up a publications committee, though we hope to do so in the near future.
  1. Conference Chair: The conference chair’s duties are to chair the Conference Committee and oversee the planning and organization of the annual Qatar TESOL International Conference in April 2008 and to co-ordinate during the conference. The chair must report regularly to the Board and follow Board decisions regarding the conference. The chair must go to the Board for approval of all financial expenditures. He or she must also attend regular Executive Board meetings.

We encourage members to become involved in Qatar TESOL by running for elected positions or volunteering to be on the Executive Board or its committees.