Qatar TESOL Executive Board Elections


The Qatar TESOL Elections

The Qatar TESOL Executive Board elections are now open for nominations. Three positions are up for election this year: the Publicity Relations Director, Membership Secretary, and Newsletter Editor. You'll find the job descriptions below. We encourage all who are interested in becoming involved with Qatar TESOL to consider submitting their name.

Candidates for the three positions must submit a biodata profile (100 words) and a statement of purpose (200-250 words) by email attachment to Barry Lush ([email protected]) for posting on the Qatar TESOL website. There will be an online election in approximately 2 weeks. Be sure to check back often for the final date.

The elected officers will be announced soon after the election.


Job Descriptions

Executive President

The Executive President organizes and oversees the general coordination of all Qatar TESOL affairs. She/he represents Qatar TESOL in relations with other institutions, associations and outside bodies.


  • Promotes Qatar TESOL
  • Supports the best interests of the organization and the Qatar TESOL membership
  • Heads the Executive Board and calls meetings
  • Heads the Annual General Meeting
  • Leads strategic planning efforts for the organization
  • Solves problems as they arise
  • Represents the Qatar TESOL Executive Board at TESOL events when required.

Public Relations Director

The Public Relations Director is responsible for the release of promotional materials about Qatar TESOL to the community


  • Liaises with the President about projects throughout the year
  • Reports to the Executive Board regularly about ways of promoting the organization
  • Maintains file of PR materials such as news articles about Qatar TESOL
  • Supports the Conference Chair in promoting the Conference throughout the community

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary is responsible for all matters related to communicating with the membership and for maintaining the membership database.


  • Acts as a member of the board and participates in all meetings and decision making
  • Organizes registration of new memberships and membership renewal during annual TESOL conference and at other workshops.
  • Keeps membership records updated in Qatar TESOL database.
  • Sends out membership announcements for conferences and workshops to all members via Qatar TESOL membership email.
  • Answers membership related questions via Qatar TESOL membership email.
  • Attends Qatar TESOL board meetings and discuss membership related issues there.


Newsletter Editor:


  • The newsletter editor’s duties are to work with the Executive Board by putting together a quarterly newsletter that serves as a communication tool between the Board and the membership and provides members with updates on ELT developments in the field, including events in Qatar, the Gulf and the global ELT community. The newsletter editor must attend regular Executive Board meetings and will bring the newsletter to the Board for final approval before publishing

    Publications Chair:


    • The Executive Board does not feel Qatar TESOL currently has the resources to set up a publications committee, though we hope to do so in the near future