Qatar TESOL Executive Board Elections

The Qatar TESOL Elections


This year five outstanding candidates have put their names forward for positions on the 2009 Qatar TESOL Executive Board.

You can read the biodata and statements for each of these by clicking on the links below:

TESOL Executive Board Nominations:


- President - Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Raheem Al-Sayed


- Membership Secretary - Ian McKay

- Membership Secretary - Patricia Goulart


- Newsletter Editor - Kira Litvin

- Newsletter Editor - Michael Birchall


- Publications Chair - Mark Maby

- Publications Chair - Dr. Trevor John Drury


- Publicity Officer - Mohammad Sultan


- Public Relations Director - Yasin Al Khatib


- Conference Chair - Maha Cherif


Steering Committee Nominations:

- Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naimi, Chief of the Qatar Community College Project

- Marina Dodigovic

- Dr. Darwish Alemadi